Invitation / event program


Tue, 12 July, 2022

11.00 Opening, Sammalisto, Orimattila

12.00 1st competition: long distance, WRE, Sammalisto, Orimattila

Wed, 13 July, 2022

11.00 2nd competition: middle distance, Sammalisto, Orimattila

Thu, 14 July, 2022

Date of events

Fri, 15 July, 2022

18.00 3rd competition: sprint, WRE, INOV-8-league, Lotila, Lahti

Sat 16 July, 2022

12.00 4th competition: middle distance, Tiirismaa, Hollola

​Sun, 17 July, 2022

10.00 5th competition: long distance, pursuit, Messilä-Tapanila, Hollola

Awards ceremony and Closing event of Orienteering Week




The 1st and 2nd competition will take place in the demanding Sammalisto open-rock terrain in Orimattila. In this area there is easy to treat.




3rd competition is a sprint around city blocks nearby Lahti Travel Centre.





The terrain in the 4th competition is rocky, with small features and large elevation differences.




The 5th final competition will take place in the fast-paced Tapanila moor. Some of the tracks also run on the terrain on the side of the Messilä ski slopes.



Competitions 4 and 5 are on the same terrain as the last races of the World Cup and Fin5 in 2000.


Competition maps

Contour gap used in competition maps is 5 meters in forest races and 2,5 meters in a sprint race. Scaling of the maps is 1:7 500 in forest and 1:3000 in sprint for H/D 45 and older. For H/D 40 and younger scaling is 1:10 000 in forest and 1:4000 in sprint. Map sizes are A3, A4 and A5 (children). Maps are in a plastic cover. More details will be provided in bulletin.


Old maps

1st and 2nd race: Sammalisto

4th and 5th race: Tiirismaa-Tapanila


Competition rules

The competitions follow the rules of the IOF and SSL as well as the instructions given by the organizers.


M21E H20E H18E H16E

H21A H21AL H35A H35AL H40A H40AL H45A H45AL H50A H50AL H55A H55AL H60A H60AL H65A H65AL H70A H70AL H75 H80 H85 H90 H95 H20A H18A H16A H14A H13A H13-14B H12 H12TR H10 H10RR H9RR H8RR


W21E D20 E D18E D16E

D21A D21AL D35A D35AL D40A D40AL D45A D45AL D50A D50AL D55A D55AL D60A D60AL D65 D70 D75 D80 D20A D18A D16A D15-18B D14A D13A D13-14B D12 D12TR D10 D10RR D9RR D8RR


Definition: E = Elite, A = Long, AL = Short


Open A long, Open A short, Open B long, Open B short, Open C long, Open C short



photo: Kimmo Hirvonen


Foreign contestant registration by email


Registration fees

Registration fees are determined according to the following registration scale.

CLASSES by November 30, 2021 by February 28, 2022 by June 20, 2022 POST by June 26, 2022
€/week \ €/day €/week \ €/day €/week \ €/day €/week \ €/day
Elite 100 \ 25 120 \ 28 140 \ 31 170 \ 45
H/D 8-16 50 \ 15 55 \ 16 65 \ 17 80 \ 18
Others 90 \ 22 110 \ 25 130 \ 30 150 \ 40


Registration fees for open classes are determined according to the following registration scale. Registration for open classes is also possible on the spot.

CLASSES by November 30, 2021 by February 28, 2022 by June 20, 2022 by July 7, 2022 ON THE SPOT
€/week \ €/day €/week \ €/day €/week \ €/day €/week \ €/day €/week \ €/day
Open classes 70 \ 15 70 \ 15 80 \ 17 90 \ 20 100 \ 25
Open classes (children under 14) 55 \ 15 55 \ 15 55 \ 15 55 \ 15 60 \ 20
FamilyRR 55 \ 15 55 \ 15 55 \ 15 55 \ 15 60 \ 20


When registering by mail or email, the fee is paid immediately to the Fin5 bank account, IBAN number: FI75 5612 1120 4604 12, and SWIFT code: OKOYFIHH.

Banking fees are paid by the participant.


Cancellations of registrations and classes exchanges

If a competitor cancels a participation by June 20, 2022, the entry fees will be refunded except for office costs. The office fee is 5€ / competition day.

If a competitor cancels after June 20, 2022, 50% of the entry fee will be refunded against an official medical certificate or other equivalent document. Cancellation is also subject to an office fee of 5€ / day of competition.

Classes exchange is free of charge until June 20, 2022. After June 20, 2022, an office fee of 5€ will be charged for a classes change. If you have any questions regarding registration, entry fees or classes exchange, please contact the office.



Emit stamp is used in all series. The emit card number must be announced with registration. If the emit card number is not announced, we will reserve a rental card for the competitor for 15€ / week or 5€ / day. From the info it is possible to rent Emit cards for 15€ / week or 5€ / day.

We charge 90€ for a unreturned emit card. Emit card number change is free of charge until June 20, 2022. After this, an exchange fee of 5€ will be charged for the exchange.


photo: Kimmo Hirvonen


GPS tracking

In the H / D16-21E classes, competitors must prepare for the use of GPS tracking. More detailed information will be updated in the competition instructions.


Competition centers

The competition centers are located within a maximum 30 km radius from Lahti. The first two competitions will take place at Sammalisto, in the city of Orimattila. The 3rd competition is a sprint nearby Lahti city centre. The 4th competition will take place in Hollola nearby Messilä ski center. The last competition is in the region of Lahti.

Services available at competition centers: information point, first aid, guidepost, restaurants, cafes, kiosks and toilets.

The competition office contact by e-mail: In the competition centers, the competition office operates in connection with the information point.



In WRE races, the starting order is reversed according to the WRE ranking. In other series, departure times can be selected. More information in the competition instructions.



During the orienteering week, prizes will be awarded in all competition classes based on the results of the overall competition. In addition, the winners of the first four races will be awarded.

The H / D21E classes will recieve cash prizes

  • 1st place 2000€
  • 2nd place 1000€
  • 3rd place 500€

There will also be prices for open classes orienteers.



Parking areas are nearby the competition centers at a distance of 0.1-2 km.

Parking fees are 20 € / week and 5 € / day. Parking tickets are sold at the information points of the competition centers. Payments will be checked when leaving the parking. Parking is allowed only in the P-areas indicated by the organizer.



Bus transports will be organised for the 1st and 2nd competition from Orimattila Henna railway station. The 3rd race is located 500 meters walk from Lahti Travel Center. Bus transport from Lahti Travel Center will start for competitions 4 and 5.

Pre-registration before June 20, 2022 by e-mail The prices of bus tickets will be specified later.


Events during the week

Detailed daily program will be published later.








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Hollolan Urheilijat -46